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A new Pochade box for quickies.

Just made a new box that is a little smaller and lighter for inconspicuous sketching and travelling light. I've been spending so much time at my son's baseball practices that I thought it would be nice to have a smaller pochade box to paint quietly in foul territory. I used an old drawer someone was throwing out to make my first one and it has lasted me over five years now. I love it but it is a bit heavy and large to sneak around with.

My faithful old pochade box recycled from a cast aside dresser drawer. Love it >

My new box in the making using some recycled hard wood drawer sides and mahogany ply. The box >

The box halves, cut and seperated >

This is box is on the small side (about 13 x 11 x 2 in), and seems just right. It's a perfect, snug fit in the bag I carry all the time, the Mountainsmith Day. I may make a panel holding mechanism, but for now, using paper or canvas, affixed with magnets and tape keeps the whole setup quite light. A portrait of Martha from this past Monday's figure session >

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